Greg Gutfeld Pulls Mask Off Democrat Debate – Shows Their Realistic Chances Against Donald Trump

Yeah, there was yet another Democrat debate last night. No shame if you decided to skip it.

What we can say about the night is that it revealed a lot about what’s going to happen this 2020 season.

Want to know how the November election will shape up? Just take a look at the people on that stage.

These are the “best of the best” that the left can offer. The men and women that were able to raise the most support and get the best polling numbers.

These are the top Democrats the establishment wants to run against Trump. One of these people, they say, should be president instead of him.

And Greg Gutfield put it all into perspective in one, smart tweet.

From Twitter:

take home notes:

I’m no Sanders fan, but CNN totally knifed him, again.

the real thinkers were missing on that stage

the moderators were amateurs

the candidates were bored by their own words

trump will eat any of these alive.

It’s been seven debates and nobody can pinpoint a clear winner out of this group.

Gutfield put it nicely, ripping the mask of this left-wing charade.

The Democrat “overlords” don’t want Bernie Sanders. They were brutal to him, even though he’s a loyal liberal whose been in office for decades.

CNN’s treatment of him makes it clear, the Democrat establishment doesn’t want him near the White House.

(So much for democracy, huh?)

The rest of the lot don’t have anything interesting to say. How many times are you going to complain about Trump?

How many times are you going to promise socialist programs, without any honest plan for how to pay for them?

Meanwhile, candidates like Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang—who at least are interesting to listen to—were shut out of the debate (despite large followings).

The best takeaway from this debate is that, come the General Election, they are doomed.

Donald Trump is going to eat these candidates for breakfast.

If I were Biden (or Sanders, or Buttigieg, or any of them), I’d just drop out now. Save myself the embarrassment.

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Source: Twitter

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