Queen AOC Throws Democrats Into 2020 Chaos – She Won’t Pay Up, And She’s Starting Her Own PAC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only been in office for a year—and look at what she has done.

Nothing good, I can tell you that. Her antics (and irresponsible comments) have given the Democrats one headache after another.

Her policies and agenda have pushed the party to the far-left of the political spectrum. That’s not a place most Americans live.

And let’s not forget her pathetic “Green New Deal,” ideas so bad everyone hated them.

Fear that more people like her would enter Congress, Pelosi was forced to impeach Trump.

What’s even more shocking is that now, after all that, AOC isn’t even a team player.

From Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insisted she’s a “proud” Democrat despite protesting a Democratic Party arm and withholding $250,000 in “dues” aimed at retaining the House majority…

Fox News reported Friday that the New York Democrat has been catching heat for failing to pay her $250,000 in dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

More than anything else, politicians love money. How could AOC claim to be a proud Democrat, when she refuses to pony up and pay them their $250,000 in dues?

Meanwhile, she’s shaking down her supporters for even more dough.

From Twitter:

The rumors are true. Today we’re announcing the Courage to Change PAC – and we need your help.

We are pushing the envelope in DC by rewarding those who reject lobbyist money, fight for working families,& welcome newcomers.

Maybe she should just jump ship and join Bernie as a left-wing “independent”?

Funny how she’s launching her own PAC, without the support and endorsement of her party leaders.

She says she wants to “push the envelope” in D.C., but she can’t even do what is required of her.

But please, AOC, no matter what you do, stay in the Democratic Party. Not since Nancy Pelosi have we seen someone so good at destroying it from the inside!

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Source: Fox NewsTwitter

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