Pelosi’s Impeachment Tanks 2020 Candidates – It Could Hurt Elizabeth Warren But Help Joe Biden

I’m not sure who is advising Pelosi, but they should be fired.

Nance thought she was smart by delaying the impeachment articles. She thought she could force the Senate to bend to her demands.

It failed, which means the Senate will hold a trial soon.

But, wait a minute! That means if senators want to vote on this “urgent” matter, they have to rush over to D.C. and attend to McConnell’s hearing.

Hmm… that means this impeachment thing is going to hurt the Democrats, not Republicans.

Why? Well, Rep. Kevin McCarthy knows why.

This impeachment is throwing a monkey wrench into the primaries. But will help an establishment candidate.

From Fox News:

Nancy Pelosi’s latest political stunt could prove to be her most divisive yet – not pitting Republicans against Democrats as her impeachment drive has done — but dividing her own party instead…

By delaying the start of the Senate trial, Pelosi will effectively bench two of Biden’s most formidable rivals – Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – during the run-up to the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 3 and the New Hampshire primary that follows on Feb. 11.

This right here is why you should never support a Democrat. Because they have no brains.

Nancy Pelosi’s delay means the Senate vote (and hearings, etc.) will be held later in the year. This will require Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to leave the campaign trail—right as it heats up.

They will not be able to campaign during the final day of the Iowa, New Hampshire primaries.

Unless, of course, they want to explain to supporters why they didn’t attend the impeachment hearings of Donald Trump!

These 2020 candidates will either miss out on earning votes—or miss out on voting against Trump.

Either way, it puts establishment candidate (and the only so-called moderate), Joe Biden, in a very safe position.

He’s not a senator, so he doesn’t need to jet off to D.C. Biden can spend as much time as he wants to drum up primary votes.

While still railing against Trump.

Now, did Pelosi do this on purpose? Biden is far from a great candidate. After all, he has plenty of skeletons in his closet.

Up against Trump, he’s toast. Why would Pelosi do this—only to hurt Sanders and Warren?

I guess she—and the rest of her party—don’t know what they’re doing, huh?

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Source: Fox News

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