Jim Jordan Has James Comey Sweating Bullets – “Now We Know Why He Didn’t Prosecute Clinton—He Didn’t See A Problem Mishandling Sensitive Information”

Jimmy’s closing in – and Comey knows it!

Yesterday, we discussed the bombshell report from the DOJ about James Comey’s handling of sensitive information.

After he was fired by Trump, the former FBI director leaked confidential information to a friend to give to the New York Times.

The DOJ condemned Comey for his reckless actions. They even warned that if the rest of the FBI followed his lead, they would never be able to enforce the law.

Rep. Jim Jordan called out Comey after the news came out. He scorched the disgraced former agent, giving a pretty good reason for why he never prosecuted Clinton.

From Twitter:

“Now we know why Comey didn’t want to prosecute Clinton—he didn’t see a problem mishandling sensitive information. After clearing her, he did it too!

Comey, like Clinton, thinks he’s above the law.”

Wow, he hit the nail on the head, didn’t he? Jordan blasted Comey over his mishandling of sensitive information. He claims Comey never prosecuted Hillary Clinton–because he was doing the same thing she was!

Clinton was being investigated over an unlawful private email server. Comey–while still in charge of the FBI–announced to the world that she had broken the law by sending sensitive (i.e.: Top Secret, and Confidential information) over this server.

Then he said he would not be recommending charges against her! The country was shocked that he admitted she broke the law but refused to hold her accountable.

As Jordan rightly points out, he went on to do the same thing.

Comey secretly recorded memos of private meetings with the President of the United States.

Those memos had information that was confidential. Meaning, it wasn’t to be shown to the public.

But Comey kept those memos to himself after he was fired. Then he leaked them to the press.

Pretty serious stuff, no matter who you ask.

Time and again we see that Democrats seem to think they are above the law. They think they can do whatever they want to get their way. The consequences don’t matter to them.

But will that be the case this time? Do Jordan’s comments suggest the government will actually hold Comey accountable? It seems very likely.

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