Donald Trump news: Why could Prince Charles’ visit to THIS country ANGER Donald Trump?

Ruler Charles and his better half Camilla are presently amidst a 12-day visit around the Caribbean. Be that as it may, for what reason could their visit to a specific nation outrage Donald Trump?

Ruler Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall have contacted down in Cuba tonight. They will go through four days in the socialist run nation. This will be a noteworthy excursion for the couple, as they will be the principal individuals from the Royal Family to visit Cuba.

The Prince of Wales and his significant other traveled to Cuba from the UK clerical stream RAF Voyager.

This is accepted to be the first run through a RAF plane has arrived in Communist Cuba, which had exceptionally close ties with Russia amid the Cold War.

There were invited by Cuban authorities before rapidly making a beeline for a wreath-laying service at the remembrance for Cuba’s national legend, the writer Jose Marti.

A representative for the couple stated: “Their Royal Highnesses are anticipating encountering the way of life and meeting the general population of Cuba.”

The point of their outing is to build up a more grounded connection between the UK and Cuba.

Be that as it may, this could cause strain with US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump has forced a severe exchange ban on Cuba and has cautioned outside firms from working together there.

John Bolton, Trump’s National security consultant, named Cuba part of a ‘troika of oppression’, just as Socialist states Venezuela and Nicaragua.

However, previous British minister to Cuba, Paul Webster Hare, revealed to The Mail on Sunday: “We have long told the US – and this has been the situation for a long time in any event – that we don’t concur with disconnecting Cuba.

“Similarly, we don’t concur with everything the Cuban government does. The US has long realized that we take an alternate view.”

Amid Charles and Camilla’s visit to Cuba, they will be joined by Commonwealth serve Lord Ahmad, who is traveling to the nation not long from now to speak to the UK Government.

His quality will indicate how imperative Downing Street sees visit and its capability to grow new roads with a nation that has just started the way toward opening up financially and socially.

The Castro siblings, first Fidel and after that Raul, ruled the nation for very nearly 60 years.

There are no designs for the illustrious couple to meet Raul Castro however they will be visitors of respect at an official supper facilitated by the nation’s leader, Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Different features of the Cuban excursion will incorporate the couple meeting the proprietors of the acclaimed vintage vehicles as yet running in Havana.

They will likewise visit a Havana recording studio, where the ruler and his better half will meet individuals from the Buena Vista Social Club.

The gathering wound up overall VIPs when their 1997 collection turned into an unexpected worldwide hit and Grammy grant victor

The couple touched base in Cuba from Barbados, one of five Commonwealth nations Charles and Camilla have visited over the previous week, alongside St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, St Lucia, and St Vincent.

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